Reduce your Atlanta commute, improve your life

12.11.2015 in Atlanta info

As if you needed another reason to move from the ‘burbs to Intown Atlanta, you can add to the list growing evidence that your commute is killing you. If you live in the suburbs of Atlanta and work in the city, you know how miserable…

Photo Courtesy of Laura Miller

Atlanta a top market to invest in residential real estate

11.30.2015 in Atlanta info

A recent report shows Atlanta to be one of the top markets in the country to investment in a home. Ingo Winzer, president and founder of Local Market Monitor, said in a statement released by the company, “These markets also have strong home price appreciation,…


Atlanta real estate Sold prices

06.01.2015 in Company News

What price did that listing end up selling for? Now you can find out on IntownElite.com Ever wonder what that house down the street sold for? You know what the list (asking) price was when it went under contract, but what was the final sale…


Our site now includes GAMLS listings, in addition to FMLS

01.23.2015 in Company News

You probably know that an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a system that agents use to market their listings to other agents. Through something called IDX (Internet Data eXchange), agents can display all of the homes listed in the MLS on our websites, so you as a homebuyer…


Why IntownElite.com beats Zillow, Trulia, et. al.

10.24.2014 in Industry Commentary

When it comes to websites, bigger does not always mean better. That’s certainly the case with real estate websites. I think most would agree that, aside for ease-of use, the most important aspect of real estate websites is the accuracy of its data. You want to…


Another report praises Atlanta’s walkable urban development

09.01.2014 in Atlanta info

As we reported in a previous blog post, Atlanta is getting a lot of attention lately for the rising amount of “walkable urban development” that’s underway in the city. Now, another report from the George Washington University School of Business ranks Atlanta number 8 in the…


Intown trend spells the end of sprawl in Atlanta

05.15.2014 in Atlanta info

Could it be that, along with the increasingly popular trend of living “intown,” now sprawl in Atlanta has ended?  That’s the conclusion of a report from the School of Business at George Washington University. Report author Christopher Leinberger, a professor of urban real estate and chair of…


In real estate, experience matters

12.19.2013 in Selling Real Estate

How much does experience matter when selling your home? According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, about 12% of the price of your home. In other words, experienced agents sell homes for an average of 12% more than rookie agents. The figure is…


Will the Internet eliminate real estate agents?

09.04.2013 in Industry Commentary

The rapid advancement of technology has impacted nearly every facet of our lives. As every child of the 80’s knows, video killed the radio star. The music industry has seen much disruption since that song was released in 1979, from MTV to Napster to the iPod…