New Home Search features

We keep adding new and improved home search features here on, and the latest additions are pretty slick! You may have noticed these already, but I hadn't blogged about them yet. One is the "autocomplete" location search box. This box can accept almost any type of location information, such as Cities, Zip Codes, Neighborhoods, Condo names, etc.  But now it can also accept addresses, MLS numbers and Schools. It works somewhat like Google's Instant Search,  just start typing and it starts figuring out what you're looking for. You'll see that autocomplete search box on our home page, in the right sidebar of pages that have one, and in the left sidebar of our home search.  

Below that search box is where you set your search preferences. The neat improvement here, is that as soon as you start entering in your criteria, the results to the right immediately starts displaying the listings that match those specifications. You can select price, bedrooms, baths, etc., and instantly the listings displayed on the right will automagically refine to display only those listings, and the green "Properties Found" keeps a running count of how many listings that meet those preferences.  Once you've set your preferences, you can mouse over property icons on the map, or see the listings displayed in a list or gallery format. Well, we think it's pretty cool, and we hope you will too. Bottom line, it empowers you to help you find a home that's perfect for you. Click here to try it out! Now, if you prefer not to do all the hunting yourself, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us and we can set up a custom search just for you.

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